Monday, September 12, 2005

Learn thousands of new

In Podcast #2 you are going to learn to play the following songs: Rock Around the Clock, Kansas City, Oh Boy, Johnny B. Goode, The Twist, The Stroll, She's a Woman, Oh Darling, You Can't Do That, I Saw Her Standing There, Route 66, Wha'd I Say.

But those are just rock tunes. You're also going to learn some jazz tunes such as All Blues (Miles), One O'Clock Jump (Basie), C Jam Blues (Duke), Blue Monk (Thelonious), Straight No Chaser, Misterioso.

And how about some country? Try Milk Cow Blues, Corinna Corrina, Twin Guitar Boogie.

How are we going to cover all those tunes in one lesson? Easy. They are all more or less the same song. At least they have (again more or less) the same chord structure. They are all blues tunes, and there are about two billion other blues songs that I didn't mention by name. The memory isn't as good as it use to once was.

In this lesson we'll continue our coverage of the blues and put a right hand melody to it as well. Then we'll see a couple of cool chord substitutions you can use with the blues as well as with other songs. And they are very easy to play. And we'll add a little bit to our Hanon exercise, and actually start playing with a (gulp) metronome.

There's also a special offer for some additional courseware.

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